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Yesterday we spoke to someone who is fairly new to the world of Huddersfield Town, today we bring you Andrew, a fan of the Terriers since 1977. Amongst the topics covered are Andrew's reasons for loving Town, why he thinks the club is special and of course, his best and worst moments. Enjoy.

("This was taken after about fifteen minutes after the penalty went in at Wembley, before that wasn’t worth taking as I was a blubbering mess!")

So Andrew, when did you first start supporting Huddersfield Town?

"I started to watch Huddersfield Town back in 1977 I was 7 years old. My Dad and Grandpa took me, we sat in the main stand, the cowshed side. All I can remember is how big the ground was, the roar when they first came out and my first jammy wagon wheel (they were definitely bigger in those days) with a Bovril!"

Are you Huddersfield born and bred?

"I am totally Huddersfield born and bred, which I’m very proud of."

What made you become a Town fan? Pushy parents? Or was it just a love the club?

"I loved my first game and my Dad who had been supporting Town since the 50’s took me to every home game, and as I got older to some away games (Hull, Derby, Fulham, Leyton Orient) I was hooked!"

You said you can't remember much from your first game, but what do you recall?

"I just can’t quite remember my first games as I was so young but what I can remember was the buzz of going to a game and when we scored.

"The Buxton years got me well and truly into Huddersfield Town!! I became a member of the first junior members club 'The Young Terriers'. In that group we had different teams (names of all the big players that played for Huddersfield) I was in the Ray Wilson group.

"We met at the sports centre at dinner time, played football and had dinner then met a Town player before been taken down to the ground to watch the game. One of my most memorable moments was when I was a mascot back in around 1983 when we played Cardiff, we won four nil that day and Mark Lillis scored all four!"

Apart from the obviously amazing last two years, what would you say has been your highlight of your time supporting Town?

"One of my most amazing moments - as I have a few - was when I was pitch side at the 2nd Leg play-off game against MK Dons as my two children had been chosen to be mascots. We went into the players changing room before the match and don’t who was more starstruck, my daughter or me meeting Jordan Rhodes!

"Because the kids were young I had to be at pitch side when the teams came out.......WOW the noise was unbelievable."

Let’s just accept that David Wagner is the best manager Town have ever had (since Chapman), and I doubt you remember him! Who would you say has been the second best manager during your years supporting Huddersfield?

"Wagner is absolutely awesome but the second best is a hard one for me as I was brought up watching Mick Buxton's teams, but because of the days of delight that Neil Warnock gave me it has to be him!"

Give us your favourite starting 11 made up of all the players you’ve seen in blue & white.

"My favourite starting line-up is as follows (this is hard!) .1-Nico Varsen (GK). 2-Malcolm Brown. 3- Terence Kongolo 4-Jonny Hogg. 5-Peter Clarke. 6-Christopher Schindler. 7-Brian Stanton. 8-Aaron Mooy. 9-Marcus Stewart. 10-Jordan Rhodes. 11-Anthony Pilkington."

What would you say makes Huddersfield’s fans and the club unique?

"Our HTFC fans are unbelievable, especially in the south stand, we have been waiting for this moment in our modern history and it shows.

"We are a proud bunch of supporters who like effort and determination, and boy have the current team delivered that.

"The closeness of the fans and the team is something a lot of other clubs are envious of I’m sure. The spirit of all those Town fans out there young and old ,to come as one to is fantastic, long may that continue!"

Can you tell us your worst memory supporting Town?

"I’m personally going to enjoy this time and I'm hoping that it will continue for years to come, but as always I have a devil on my shoulder saying this won’t last (I hope I’m wrong).

"What I will be so sad to see? When the time comes for Dean Hoyle to leave. What that man has done for our club is historic."

What one thing are you afraid of for the future of Huddersfield?

"The worst thing to happen to my beloved Huddersfield was going into administration and thinking at the time 'my/our' club could be no more.

"Only having half a dozen full-time pros on our books, it doesn’t bear thinking about now. But this in time is what has made us stronger."

What would your dream season be?

"My dream season would be staying in this league and getting stronger and stronger with better quality players and seeing where it takes us. To see our Stadium full every match and having a capable squad to make us proud that’ll do for me."

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