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We've been asking you for your stories and memories of supporting Huddersfield Town down the years, and we realised one thing. We should be sharing our own views as well. So in this edition, the creator of TerrierBlog, John shares with you his particular fan story, enjoy!

So, when did you first start supporting Huddersfield Town?

In mid 2004, after a neighbour brought me along to a Town game and I became enamoured with the men in blue and white!

Are you Huddersfield born and bred?

Kind of I suppose. My dad is from Holywood in Northern Ireland and my Mum is from Moldgreen, I was originally born in Halifax but moved to Huddersfield at the age of 7 when my parents divorced. I've always thought of myself as a Huddersfield lad rather than a Halifax one though.

What made you become a Town fan? Pushy parents? Or was it just a love the club?

My Dad was a token Spurs fan, but really preferred Rugby and my Mum actively despised football. I went to my first Town match in 1999 when an Uncle tried to get me into football but I didn't really like the game at that point, I was more interested in Pokemon and N64 games.

I finally became a proper Huddersfield fan in 2004 when I came along to my second game and witnessed an absolute peach of a match!

Do you remember your first game? The result, the atmosphere or the overall experience?

I don't remember my first game at all, I was too young. I do remember my second game though, a 3-2 win against Scunthorpe. Town were losing 2-1 and I was thoroughly displeased with what I saw, all until John McAliskey came on and turned the game in Town's favour in the space of minutes. What a game!

Apart from the obviously amazing last two years, what would you say has been your highlight of your time supporting Town?

I wouldn't say the promotions from League Two or League One, because at the time, to me, they felt like they were due. My favourite time apart from the Wagner years was the Lee Clark years. The unbeaten run we went on propelled us to nationwide recognition and the semi-final victory over Bournemouth was one hell of a ride.

Let’s just accept that David Wagner is the best manager Town have ever had (since Chapman), and I doubt you remember him! Who would you say has been the second best manager during your years supporting Huddersfield?

Peter Jackson for sure. Yes Lee Clark had us playing some excellent football, but Jacko epitomised the never say die attitude. I was always confident we'd win, even when we were 2-0 down. I knew that Jacko would get stuck into the players and we'd come out and win, or at least draw. It was an exciting time and I was sad to see us part company with him.

Give us your favourite starting 11 made up of all the players you’ve seen in blue & white. • What would you say makes Huddersfield’s fans and the club unique?

Wow, wow, wow. I hadn't realised just how hard this question was to answer until I posed it to myself, but here goes;

Phil Senior, Lee Peltier, David Mirfin, Christopher Schindler, Danny Adams, Anthony Pilkington, Jon Worthington, Jonathan Hogg, Danny Schofield, David Graham, Andy Booth.

Can you tell us your worst memory supporting Town?

It has to be that 3-0 battering against Peterborough in the League One Play-off Final. I've never felt so down in my life about a football result, and that honestly took me three months to get over. I'm not even sure the penalty shoot-out win over Sheffield United made up for it!

What one thing are you afraid of for the future of Huddersfield?

Losing David Wagner in embarrassing future, say sacking him in February or March when we're struggling in the Premier League. Then replacing him with a shithouse manager like Alan Pardew or Sam Allardyce. Something completely against our current Terrier Identity.

What would your dream season be?

This now seems like a bit of a silly question. Obviously winning the quadruple and smashing relegating Leeds on the last day of the season. But I feel like I need to be a bit more realistic in my answer, Leeds will obviously never be in the Premier League!

My dream season would be a top-half finish in the Premier League and an FA Cup win!

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