Simon Firth

Huddersfield Town's rise to success over the past few years has brought with it an awful lot of new fans. In this edition of fan stories we talk to Simon Firth, someone beguiled by David Wagner's style and the atmosphere generated by the fans, enjoy.

Simon & his son Charlie

So, when did you first start supporting Huddersfield Town?

I started supporting town about 5 years ago, I never really had an interest in football up until 6 years ago when my son started to play. I followed Barcelona as you do with a young child. Then Charlie went to his first town match with his Granddad, I went to the next game with him and I was hooked. Been to as many home and away games as we can.

Are you Huddersfield born and bred?

The whole family is Huddersfield born and bred.

What made you become a Town fan? Pushy parents? Or was it just a love the club?

My sons love of football got me into watching town. Now it’s something that 3 generations go to watch together.

Do you remember your first game? The result, the atmosphere or the overall experience?

I remember the first match as my son was a flag bearer waving the teams into the pitch. I cannot remember the score but my son remembers them all.

Apart from the obviously amazing last two years, what would you say has been your highlight of your time supporting Town?

Highlights are the atmosphere, the way the fans get behind the team and spur them on, the down to earth vibe of the club and players especially after the past 2 seasons

Give us your favourite starting 11 made up of all the players you’ve seen in blue & white.

Lossl, Kongolo, Lowe, Zanka, Schindler, Flo, Williams, Hogg, Mooy, Pritchard, Depoitre

What would you say makes Huddersfield’s fans and the club unique?

The sound and passion that the fans generate

Can you tell us your worst memory supporting Town?

I think watching Fulham play town at home in 2015/2016 when they walked through the middle of us.

What one thing are you afraid of for the future of Huddersfield?

Afraid that Wagner will go and we will not find a good enough replacement.

What would your dream season be?

Dream season would be to see town in the Champions League and watching Barca play in Huddersfield

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