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When I was a young teenager I scraped together as much money as possible to go and watch Town away with my best friend. We travelled to Tranmere, Walsall and Carlisle midweek. Milwall on a Saturday, Darlington, Accrington and Grimsby too.

Two years ago my friend started a job working most Saturday's, and we joked about how he was missing all the glory after enduring the dross. This Saturday he managed to get down to the John Smith's on a rare day-off.

"That was the worst game of football I've ever seen in my life"

That's the text I received at quarter past five from my friend, which is some statement considering he sat next to me as we lost 1-0 to Darlington in the JPT. Witnessed us get thumped 5-1 by Nottingham Forest and endured a drab 0-0 away to Brighton on a cold Tuesday night.

Yet that's the reality of the situation, Saturday's 0-0 draw with Cardiff was fucking painful to watch. The game was as pointless as trying to be crowned the tallest dwarf. Both teams played as if they were already relegated - in mid August.

Call me a glutton for punishment if you will, but in this article we take a look back at Saturday's game.

Kongolo slumps

Dull, lifeless and limp

That's the best way to describe Town on Saturday. Yes the hosts had 72% possession up until Jonathan Hogg's red card, but they did next to nothing with the ball. Passing around the back for long periods, and then going down the wings with dreadful predictability before crossing a ball onto the head of Sol Bamba.

There was no spark or creativity whatsoever, but what do you expect when the manager chooses three defensive midfielders in his starting line-up and omits Alex Pritchard? The team picked by the head coach looked overly cautious, and so it was. A Newcastle fan once tweeted me to say that we were, "All fart nee shite", and that's what we were on Saturday.

Where's the Terrier Identity?

At the moment it looks like the Terrier we've been styling ourselves on is reaching the latter stages of his life. No more does he bound around the house, eager to go for a walk. Now he sits under the stairs, sleeping all day and dreaming about how energetic he was in his younger years.

Our Terrier Identity needs reviving

I mentioned it in the Preview blog, but the Terrier Identity is dead. We are a defensive team that dons the tin hats against almost all opposition and then forgets how to attack when it's really needed.

After 15 minutes on Saturday it was apparent that we wouldn't score. After two games of defensive football, how can you expect the players to rediscover any form of attacking intent? It can't just be switched on, and if this season is to be a success then Wagner needs to use the tactics that made his first full season in charge such an emphatic success.

Anyway, that's enough for the review today as it's pissing me off having to think back to Saturday's shit-show. Player ratings will be up this evening, so that should be a laugh. Until the next time, UTT.

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