Cowley's out - Shock news from the JSS

After waking up on Saturday morning feeling the future of the club was a little more Rosey than the recent past, town fans settled down to lunch on Sunday only to discover a rather unexpected bombshell that the Cowley's had been "relieved of their duties" alongside a statement from chairman Phil Hodgkinson about them not sharing the same vision for the club. 

This development has come rather out of the blue to most fans even those who claim to be more in the know than most. Including some who claimed to have been having direct conversations with DC himself. The rebuild was on, clear out bring in some more players of the right ilk and move on up next season. 

Terriers fans obviously thinking the same content with the duo and with safety secured looking forward to what might be next season. 

So what on earth is going on? 

Firstly let's look at the wording which is often crucial, and given Phil's legal background, will be carefully worded. Relieved of duties, means they are still under contract with no obligations to provide services or work. Interesting technically not sacked, but removed from the club with immediate effect. Terminating their contract or firing them would most likely have further financial penalties and implications. With rumours circulating that the have signed to become the new managers at Bristol City there's still much more detail to come on this particular development. 

The fans certainly are not happy. We'd taken a shine to Danny and Nicky and reward for mission completed should certainly not be the boot a day or two later. The lads made a cloth purse from a pig's ear and gathered the required points. At times it was not pretty and often frustrating, but it is also easy to see they made the best of the situation they were handed after the end of Wagner's reign and the ill-fated escapade with Siewert. 

Most fans have given them some compensation for that and the few signings they brought in were, on the whole, hard-working and well thought through. 

Views on social media on Sunday didn't range very far, from disappointed to a disgrace there was not a lot of love on show for this decision. 

We feel you, here at Terrier blog we do believe that it takes managers time to bed in, get that group of players they want to play their style before making hasty decisions. Something at the club seems broken, a power vacuum, or a power grab, something is afoot. It doesn't take long for the old potless Phil comments to resurface, and for once fans may be correct. Not the potless bit, he's more cash than most of us combined, maybe not enough to own a football club, but he does seem to be at the heart of this decision as things currently stand. Unless there is substance to the Bristol City rumours. 

Other whispers are they stuck their noses too deep into club affairs and had a lot to do with the Danny Simpson episode, some say Dean Hoyle (still a 25% stakeholder) didn't like what they were up to, some that Phil was frustrated with their tactics, for now, we just don't know. 

With applications closed it would appear that Phil has a target in mind and its a done deal unless it's Zidane or Benitez expect fans to be disappointed. We'd taken the brothers to our hearts and they had achieved the task they had been set, this all feels excessively negative at a time when for once we could sleep easy at night. Oo to be a terrier indeed.  


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