Danny Cowley: The Players Are Arseholes

Of course, Danny Cowley did not say that after Town's match on Saturday, but that is what we can take from his comments post-game. In this article, our chief writer John discusses two players that are stealing a living at Huddersfield Town. Read on for his thoughts on the current situation.

On Saturday, Danny Cowley’s honeymoon period as Huddersfield Town manager conclusively came to an end. The former Lincoln City gaffer watched on from the touchline as his injury-ravaged side succumbed to an embarrassing 5-2 loss at Bristol City.

Speaking after the game, Danny Cowley said this to the media;

“I listened to the supporters at the end of the game, cheering and singing and I felt ashamed.

“I felt so sorry for them, because they deserved so much more than that. They travelled probably six hours to get here, by road, by car, after a tough week at work, giving their all, all week to be able to spend the money to come and watch their team.

“We flew down yesterday, had everything done for us, completely pampered, and we go and perform like that, and they fight until the end… Something’s wrong isn’t it?”

Striking words indeed from the Town manager, but words that I’m sure come as no shock to those of you reading now. We have all known for some time now, that there are a number of players at our club that simply couldn’t give a toss.

Rather than discussing the result, or going back over the mistakes of the players, what I want to discuss in this blog is the players that couldn’t give a shit about Huddersfield Town. The two stand-out players in that category are Florent Hadergjonaj and Terence Kongolo - there are others too, but I don't have the time nor the will to discuss the rest.

The first that I’ll focus on is the little Kosovan full-back, as he is possibly the most frustrating of all. The 25-year-old arrived at Huddersfield Town after representing both Young Boys and Ingolstadt in the earlier part of his career, neither of which are massive clubs.

He seemed, at first, to be a hard-working player who would improve the squad. The misgivings in his game were clear to see, but if anything, that was encouraging. Under the tutelage of David Wagner and Christoph Buhler, Florent Hadergjonaj could surely learn how

to defend properly.

He was poor positionally, a bad marker and lacked the necessary concentration levels to be a decent Premier League full-back. Fortunately, all three of those skills can be easily learned under the right coach and with the requisite dedication on the part of the player.

At the time of writing, none of these areas of Hadergjonaj’s game have been improved, despite the best efforts of David Wagner, Jan Siewert and Danny Cowley - two of whom are undoubtedly great coaches.

The only explanation for Hadergjonaj’s lack of improvement is ignorance. Some may argue that he perhaps lacks the nous to improve those areas of his game, but let’s be honest, football isn’t rocket science. There is no great intellect needed to be able to stand in the right place on a pitch.

Instead, it is ignorance, founded on misplaced arrogance that has led to Florent Hadergjonaj’s stalling development. He clearly has no interest in improving his game, as he obviously has a much higher opinion of himself than is warranted.

You might think it’s a stretch to say this, and if you do, I’ll point you in the direction of this TRANSFER RUMOUR. If you can’t be bothered clicking on the link, here's a quick precis. It’s a rumour, linking Florent Hadergjonaj with a move from Huddersfield Town to Serie A side Lazio.

That rumour came from one person - Hadergjonaj’s agent. It can’t have come from anywhere else. Who in their right mind would have linked him with a move to the Italian giants?

Hadergjonaj most likely told his agent that he would like to play for Lazio and instructed him to plant the rumour in the press. Behaviour like that is commonplace, indeed I have had emails from agents in the past asking me to write articles about their client’s potential moves away from the club.

That Hadergjonaj chose Lazio as his preferred destination tells us everything we need to know about the player. He is deluded and oblivious to his own shortcomings. Playing for Huddersfield Town in the Championship is about Hadergjonaj’s level, even if he were to improve on his various weak points.

Then, there is the case of Terence Kongolo. Undoubtedly a much more gifted football player than Florent Hadergjonaj, but one who has seriously lost his way in recent months. For those inside and outside of the club, it’s blatantly obvious that Kongolo no longer cares.

He sees his career away from Huddersfield Town. Inclusion in the Dutch national team seems to have finally convinced him that he is better than a West Yorkshire football club in the lower reaches of the Championship and that his future career lies with bigger and better European clubs.

For some, Kongolo’s frustration at his current situation could be seen as understandable. However, for me, I cannot fathom his reaction - putting in lacklustre performance after lacklustre performance on the pitch.

He will get a move, probably in January, but he has to recognise that performing well will be beneficial to his future career. Potential managers will not want to see a transfer target dragging his arse around the pitch, rolling around on the floor every five minutes and jogging to keep up with a striker who has just waltzed past him.

Unfortunately, the performances of Hadergjonaj and Kongolo are not isolated. In recent seasons we have made a habit of signing arseholes at this football club. Players that fall out with the manager, return to pre-season several kilos overweight and then moan about the club’s toilet facilities when they move on.

Players that put in distinctly average performances week in week out and then later blame it on the lack of fresh bakeries in Huddersfield. Then there are those who play up to the fans on the pitch and social media, before packing their bags ahead of a potential move just hours before a game they’re selected to play in.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but one we’re just going to have to deal with for the next few months until Danny Cowley and Phil Hodgkinson can ship the arseholes out of the club. When the latter said we would need three transfer windows to get the club back on an even keel, he was right.

We need root and branch change at this football club. There are, quite simply, too many players taking a wage and enjoying mid-season trips to Dubai without putting in the required effort on the pitch.

The sooner we can replace the Florent Hadergjonaj’s and Terence Kongolo’s with Lewis O’Brien’s and Fraizer Campbell’s, the better. Until the next time, UTT.

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