Everton Player Ratings

On Saturday Huddersfield Town fell to a desperately disappointing 2-0 home loss against a highly unambitious Everton side. Here we bring you our regular player ratings feature, with the quick reminder that a 5 out of 10 score represents an average/decent performance, enjoy.

Jonas Lossl: 5/10

Perhaps he was slow to get down for both goals, but he had no chance with the first goal and would have had to summon his inner David De Gea to save Idrissa Gueye's goal. Lossl went up massively in my opinion when he ran fifty yards to bollock Zanka, Schindler and Hadergjonaj in the second-half for their poor positioning.

Florent Hadergjonaj: 4/10

One of the players to be criticised by Lossl for his poor positioning, and how did he react to that? By getting hopelessly out of position for Everton's second and allowing Leighton Baines the freedom of the John Smith's Stadium to set-up Gueye.

Zanka: 3/10

The big Dane is one of my favourite players, but he had an absolute shocker in this game, missing a chance to intercept the ball for both goals and being caught out of position time and time again.

Christopher Schindler: 4/10

Just like everyone else, he started the game well but then shrank into the background. We will need some decisive leadership from him in the coming weeks.

Terrence Kongolo: 5/10

Probably one of the few defenders not to be mentally affected by Everton's opening goal. He toiled and perspired for the team, but all of his effort was to no avail.

Jonathan Hogg: 4/10

Usually solid and dependable in the centre of the park but he went missing for large periods defensively and his short distribution was unusually woeful.

Aaron Mooy: 4.5/10

Will the real Aaron Mooy please stand up? Because I don't recognise the bald man currently playing in Huddersfield's midfield. Yes, his effort is there in abundance but he seems to have lost his zip and swagger.

Rajiv Van La Parra: 2/10

I've been an ardent supporter of Van La Parra for some time now, but this was by far and away his worst performance in a Huddersfield shirt. He gave the ball away for Everton's opening goal and when pressured by the crowd in the second-half to pass the ball he responded by attempting several step-overs and losing possession. 

Collin Quaner: 4/10

Yes, he is a poor player, his touch is questionable, his passing is poor and his footballing intelligence is completely absence. But, he wasn't the worst player on the pitch, his running and endeavour looked to have put Town in dangerous positions once or twice throughout the game and in a shocking indictment of Rajiv Van La Parra, Quaner looked more dangerous than him.

Alex Prtichard: 6/10

I want to give him a 1/10 for his terrible attempt on goal, when he fell over but I just can't. He was full of beans at the weekend, always looking to test the Everton defence and he looked the only player in blue & white capable of making something positive happen in the opposition half.

Steve Mounie: 3/10

Where was he? Did he actually play on Saturday?


Laurent Depoitre: N/A

It's unfair to give the Belgian a rating as he effectively received fuck-all service in his brief time on the pitch.

Phillip Billing: 5/10

When he was introduced I thought his presence might calm some of the nervy players on the pitch, but the fact that Billing could play a simple pass to his team mates seemed to only increase the nerves of others.

Scott Malone: 5.5/10

Our much maligned left-back was brought on as an attacking winger and in his brief time on the grass he didn't make any horrific errors, he didn't fall over and he managed to look much more threatening that Rajiv Van La Parra. He could have scored at the end but it would be remiss of me to criticise him for that seen as though he is actually a defender.

The Gaffer: 4/10

The tactics were spot on from the first minute and Town approached Everton with all guns blazing at the start. Wagner's big mistake in this match though was failing to cajole his shell-shocked players from their crippling fear at half-time.

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