Fan Reaction: Leicester City

Under the stewardship of Lee Clark, Simon Grayson, Mark Robins and Chris Powell Twitter was a no go zone after Town had lost. There were hundreds of negative comments (some from me) and plenty of complaints about our style of play. Due to his success, David Wagner seems to have been immune to this such criticism, until now...

After the Leicester defeat, Twitter, Facebook and fan forum DATM were awash with negative critiques from disgruntled fans. In this article we show you some of the best (or worst) fan reactions from the weekend. You can log in at the top of the page to comment on this article and share your opinions too, enjoy!

The knives were out on Town fan forum DATM as this user vented his frustration with David Wagner, questioning why he has not been sacked.

Matthew Brooke sends an indirect message to fans that are just happy to be in the Premier League.

Dean Hoyle recently said in an interview that there was no way he would sack David Wagner, even if we were to go down. Pete Hirst doesn't have the same opinion as the chairman.

Twitter user and DATM administrator Grimois offers a measured view on David Wagner and questions what's happened of late.

Tom Dean on Twitter is not happy with the simple mistakes Town are making at the back and wonders where the confidence has gone.

This disgruntled DATM user asks one of the most feared questions in football. Is it time for Sam Allardyce?

Dan Lund makes a point that we agree with here at TerrierBlog - Michael Hefele's departure has left a gaping hole in the Town dressing room.

Joel Ashwell makes a great point on Twitter, David Wagner has always come up with the goods when needed and he can do it again.

There you have it, the Town fan reaction from Saturday's defeat to Leicester. What do you think of the opinions you've read? Are they justified or a load of old rubbish? Let us know in the comments section.


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