Fan Reaction - Town 0 -1 Palace

Football is a polarising pursuit, even fans of the same club can have wildly different opinions on what they see. In this article we take a look at some of the reactions from Town fans following last weekend's 1-0 home loss to Crystal Palace.

Town fans unite

First up we head over to popular fans' forum Down At The Mac (DATM) to get a little perspective on the negativity following Saturday's defeat. Sabre starts this thread with the title, "The worst afternoon ever..."

A Facebook user shares a familiar concern after Town failed to recover from a losing position against Palace.

A change in system is something we have advocated here at TerrierBlog for a while, David Wagner must seek different ways to win football games.

Dean Hoyle gave an interview to BBC Radio Leeds last week and spoke of training ground improvements, some people don't agree with the chairman though.

Our midfield has certainly been missing something this season and an injection of thrust and creativity wouldn't go a miss.

Wilfried Zaha complained about rough treatment at the weekend but one eagle eyed Town supporter spotted something a bit naughty from the Ivorian striker.

There's been a big debate amongst fans over David Wagner's tactics recently, are we setting up too negatively?

What's your reaction to the game on Saturday? We'd love to hear from you so if you'd like to share your views make sure to sign in and leave your comments on the bottom of this post.

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