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Just like the World Cup last Friday, we took a day off on Sunday to recharge the batteries so we can give you some more great fan stories. Following on from Gavin Wood's excellent story - which you can find here - we have Jason Moore, who regales us with tales of viddy printers, chippy tea's and World Of Sport. Enjoy!

So, when did you first start supporting Huddersfield Town?

"I first started supporting Town when I was around 8-years-old, when there was no social media, Sky Sports etc…..Just World of Sport and the viddy printer..."

Are you Huddersfield born and bred?

"I am Huddersfield born and bred, so is my Mums side of the family. I moved around the country a lot as my Step-Dad was in the armed forces but I always kept an eye on Town.

"A lot of the places I moved to were down south and I was always asked “ Where do you come from” When I said Huddersfield they would always say where’s that, my reply was always a town between Manchester and Leeds. Thankfully now I think most people know where Huddersfield is."

What made you become a Town fan? Pushy parents? Or was it just a love the club?

"My Grandad was the reason I became a Town fan I also think you should always support your home town/city."

Do you remember your first game? The result, the atmosphere or the overall experience?

"My first experience of Huddersfield Town was with my Grandad. It was cold, wet and pretty miserable.

"We were playing Manchester City and my Grandad did warn me not to expect much as we had been stuffed by them 10 – 1 earlier in the season. I don’t remember much of the game as there was a sea of fans in front of me blocking my view ( at the time I was only small ) I do recall gripping on to my Grandad's hand for dear life in the stand as in those days it was all standing and you were pushed and pulled in all directions.

"I think Town won 1 – 0, after the game it was the long walk home in the cold and wet but it was worth it as we had a chippy tea on the way back."

Apart from the obviously amazing last two years, what would you say has been your highlight of your time supporting Town?

"Passing my love and passion for the club on to my 9-year-old son. I love seeing him wearing his shirt with pride and singing his heart out, these are the highlights for me supporting Huddersfield Town."

Let’s just accept that David Wagner is the best manager Town have ever had (since Chapman), and I doubt you remember him! Who would you say has been the second best manager during your years supporting Huddersfield?

"The second best manager for me would be Neil Warnock. His passion for the game rubbed off on players and brought the best out of them.

"I also liked the way he brought players down a peg or two when things went wrong, his no-nonsense approach and not being afraid to say it as it is makes him my second choice."

Give us your favourite starting 11 made up of all the players you’ve seen in blue & white.

"For obvious reasons I have to pick the team that got us to the Premier League on that fantastic day at Wembley.

"Danny Ward,Tommy Smith,Michael Hefele,Christopher Schindler,Chris Löwe,Jonathan Hogg,Aaron Mooy,Elias Kachunga,Izzy Brown,Rajiv van La Parra,Nahki Wells"

What would you say makes Huddersfield’s fans and the club unique?

"Town fans are down to earth, we welcome the opposition ( except Leeds fans ) sing with passion even when we are losing, we acknowledge when a player on the opposing team has played well against us and we give them a standing ovation ( Harry Kane ) when they leave the pitch.

"Town are a family, a family with a rich history. We may be “Little Huddersfield Town” but we are the Town with the biggest Heart."

Can you tell us your worst memory supporting Town?

"Play-off final penalty shoot-out before Schindler scoring the winner. When we went 3 -1 down the disappointment I felt was awful, all the hard work we had put in over the season looked like it was going to fizzle out with a damp squib.

"I could feel the gloom all around me and the feeling of so near yet so far. My son on my right was in floods of tears and inconsolable, my wife to the right had gone grey and said she couldn’t take it anymore whilst leaning over one of the small barriers.

"That moment was the worst memory for me, seeing the faces of loved ones and fellow supporters full of dread and tears. Thankfully we all know what the outcome was and it’s been happy smiley faces ever since."

What one thing are you afraid of for the future of Huddersfield?

"We now have a fantastic opportunity to stay in the world’s best league for many years to come, I just hope that the powers that be at Huddersfield Town stay true to themselves and don’t become a selling club and invest in the future.

"We have all worked so hard over the last two years to get to this point in our history, I think I speak for all Town fans when I say…….We Belong In The Premier League."

What would your dream season be?

"Being the Premier League Champions – beating Liverpool home and away so I could lord it over my Father–in–law."

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