Harsh realities & reasons for optimism

So second season syndrome is well and truly upon us, our joint top scorers are Stankovic, Billing and Zanka and our most special moment so far was the world class own goal of Bacuna.

Let’s be honest anyone who’s followed the Town for any length of time will have seen us lose A LOT, and while it hurts every single time, our love of the club has always kept us coming back for more punishment. The pleasure of the novelty of being beaten by teams we rarely play has worn off, “The Ride” isn’t new and interesting anymore, in fact it’s totally fear inducing.

Rooted to the bottom of the table, unable to hit a banjo with a barn door, with another defeat to Spurs and Liverpool coming up, it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting much brighter any time soon.

Watching social media this last few weeks I’ve seen fans turn on each other, the plastics melt away back to Beeston, calls for Wagner out and a total bewilderment by all the blue and white faithful that we haven’t really played with “terrier spirit” Saturday aside, or why the new signings haven’t been getting a run out.

A lack of goals, a defensive outlook and some woeful errors have led to our current malaise, but there are more than a few reasons to be optimistic, so here’s a few to pep you up before the Burnley game:

  • We’re no worse off than we weere last year in the corresponding fixtures.

  • Lolo has been starting, he dragged the Leicester defence all over the park, smashed the underside of the bar against Spurs and always puts in a shift, the man’s a beast. Just needs a little bit more sharpness in front of goal.

  • Chris Lowe has looked excellent, despite not playing much last year, he’s like a quality new signing.

  • Phill Bill seems to have grown into his big spaghetti head and is looking more mature and useful than previous seasons. His long throws are paying off too.

  • Kongolo has continued to be MASSIVE.

  • Kachunga! Again a big miss last year and he’s starting to look sharper

  • Dangly Williams is yet to return to fitness

  • Hoggy is back from suspension bringing some much needed fight and aggression to the centre of the park.

  • Aaron Mooy hasn't looked at his best yet and he's sure to find some form, once he gets a good night's sleep.

  • Erik Durm looks the real deal

  • MBenza has pace and footballing nous.

  • The defenders are scoring goals! Would be great if the strikers and midfield took note!

  • We’re yet to feel the benefits of the new signings

  • Palace had a worse start last term and still managed to stay safe.

  • Cardiff, Newcastle, and Southampton all look much worse than us in play.

  • We’ve lost on fine margins so far, mainly by single goals and sloppy mistakes

  • Our fixtures around Christmas are a lot kinder than most of the teams we expect to be around us, points in this period could see us climb rapidly.

  • Dean Hoyle has given Wagner his full backing relegation or not, so no extra pressure on the boss he can focus on his job and fixing the mess.

  • If we do get relegated we still finish the season above Leeds (Normally my only ambition for the season tbh)

  • Relegation wouldn’t be so bad, parachute payments, more live games on TV, a much improved squad and some local derby’s.

  • We can’t get promoted again if we don’t get relegated.

  • The Burnley model of continuity might be the best strategy for a club like ours.

  • The new facilities will be an asset to the club for many years and help keep us up there at the upper end of the leagues, by nurturing talent and not spending huge.

  • We’re financially secure.

  • We have an amazing chairman who’s a proper fan.

  • A great manager, who is learning as he goes and can only get better.

  • We have the best fans in football.

So chin up guys and girls, we can’t win them all, maybe we can’t compete every week, but there will be days when we do, when we can bounce around and surprise the establishment and achieve the impossible. We beat Man United this time last year after all. Keep The Faith and UTT.

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