HTFC - FIFA 20 TerrierBlog Quarantine League.

Without football we're a bit lost over here, so following the lead of other sports, Not the Aus GP and Leighton Orient's Ultimate Quaranteam, we decided to launch our own FIFA League to fill the gaping void that was sport. We have one rule that you must use Huddersfield town to play your matches. If your team has been amended in career mode, you must field at least 3 current squad players in your starting line up. All profits and proceeds will go straight to the Blue & White foundation who will be struggling with no Golden Gamble and P4P11 canceled this year.

We're trying to get some of the squad involved so watch this space you could be playing FIFA against your Town favorites.

To sign up please donate £5 to our just giving page and include your email address. You'll be sent a code and link to register. We're aiming to get the first games going this weekend Saturday at 3pm (What else are you going to be doing)

Space is limited to 250 for the first round

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