Huddersfield 0 Tottenham 2: Review

So Huddersfield Town lost yet another Premier League game and remain rooted to the bottom of the table. Despite playing well, The Terriers failed to score once more and fell to 2 goals from England captain Harry Kane.

As a one-off in a different season, this result wouldn't have been as soul destroying as it ended up being. Had Town have won 2 or 3 games so far, then this result would have been nothing to worry about, merely an unlucky defeat against a quality side.

However as it is, the loss was merely a microcosm of our season so far - we bossed possession stats whilst failing to score, and allowed the opposition to strike by committing 2 basic errors. Sure, there were positives from the performance, but unfortunately positives don't win points. Let's take a look at some of the main talking points from the game.

Harry Kane celebrates his first goal

The defence

I have to say something here that goes against the very fibre of my being, and is against everything I believe in, but... Christopher Schindler isn't great. Yes he's the man that brought us to the Premier League, yes he is the most attractive man the world has ever seen but at this level he's not great.

Much of the gorgeous German's game relies on his anticipation to win the ball and nip ahead of his marker. In the Premier League though, his anticipation isn't as good as that of the strikers he is facing.

Schindy takes the lead and is probably our best defender, but that's where the problem lies. If he is better than Zanka and Kongolo, then we have some serious problems defensively. Alongside better defenders, Schindler would be immense, but as the leader in this group he isn't unfortunately.

The most handsome man in football

The attack

I don't know how many blogs I can continue to write about our bluntness in attacking areas, and quite frankly I'm getting pissed off at having to write about it. Depoitre almost scored with a wonder effort yesterday, but other than that, did we have any clear cut chances?

If you answered yes, you need to shake your head. We never, ever looked like scoring yesterday and the responsibility for that falls at the feet of the manager. He's instructed his players to exercise caution and defend for their lives for 12 months and now they find the idea of attacking to be alien.

Facing the harsh realities

We will be relegated this season, that is without doubt. Last season we relied on our excellent start to keep us in the division, but since the Spurs game last season we have been atrocious.

We cannot score, we cannot defend and most importantly we cannot win points. Does that annoy me? Yes. Is it unexpected? No. We simply don't have the financial clout to compete at this level and it's no surprise that we are struggling.

Personally, I am looking forward to our relegation and our return to the Championship. A league in which we can regroup, keep Wagner and strengthen to make sure our next stint in the Premier League is more enjoyable.

Our rise to the top table of English football came too early for us, but it did provide us with the opportunity to strengthen for the future. We were promoted to the Premier League with Martin Crainie, Joe Lolley, Sean Scannell, Jason Davidson, Dean Whitehead, Collin Quaner and Mark Hudson in our ranks.

We were never going to be good enough for the Premier League, but somehow we survived our first season which has left us in a fantastic financial position to challenge for promotion when we get relegated this season.

What should Wagner do?

Just enjoy the ride, focus on making his players better and entertaining the fans. We are dead certs for relegation so let's make the most of it and enjoy our time. Let's play with youthful abandon and create some memories. Let's us not go gentle into that good night.

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