Huddersfield Town 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 : Victory, at last

You join us today on TerrierBlog in the afterglow of something very unique – a Huddersfield Town victory. Even rarer perhaps, a Steve Mounie goal! In this report we’ll look back at some of the main talking points from the match, laugh at Wolves fans and address the question you dare not ask, “Is it back on?”

That winning feeling

Can we all just take a minute to look inside ourselves and acknowledge how good it feels to have that winning feeling back? Let’s be brutally honest, the past three or so months have been a slog for Town fans.

Match of the Day has been no fun and going to games had become a bit of a thankless task. In the past couple of months I’ve been more likely to engage in a Brexit debate with strangers rather than tell them who I support!

But having that winning feeling back feels amazing, it reminds us all why we love football so much. Many people might say it doesn’t matter and that it was only Wolves, but I for one do not care. The manner of the win against Wolves was so pleasing and I’m going to saviour it for some time, because if this season has taught us one thing, there might not be many more to come!

Some encouraging performances

There were plenty of individual performances that stood out in the 1-0 win over Wolves as Jan Siewert sprung a few surprises in his selection.

Demeaco Duhaney: The biggest surprise of the evening was the inclusion of 20-year-old right back Demeaco Duhaney in the starting line-up. Siewert said that Duhaney had impressed him enough in training to earn a starting berth and the youngster didn’t look out of his depth.

There were times when his positional acumen was put to the test and he was beaten in one-on-one situations quite easily on occasion. However it was an encouraging debut for a young, inexperienced player especially when you consider the malaise that the team were in prior to the game.

Karlan Grant: There’s no doubts about it, Karlan Grant is a talented footballer and he has the potential to carve out a good career in West Yorkshire. Whilst Grant is clearly raw, he injected something into the side that we have been missing since the departure of Rajiv Van La Parra.

Grant’s directness, verve and willingness to run at his man clearly unsettled the Wolves defence and opened up spaces for Town’s other attacking players. It would have been great had he connected properly with his last-minute effort to score his second goal but all in all it was a decent performance.

Jon Gorenc-Stankovic: The Slovenian came into the team at the base of a four man diamond midfield and was bloody brilliant. Memories of his shaky performances in the Championship were put to one side last night as he performed flawlessly.

The most impressive thing for me was Stankovic’s calmness on the ball and ability to pick a pass. We all know how good Jonathan Hogg is at putting out fires but Stankovic managed to do that at the same time as moving the team forward from deep.

Steve Mounie: If you’ve read this blog for some time you’ll know that I’m not Steve Mounie’s biggest fan. In fact I’m probably his biggest critic and when he headed into the side-netting from a couple of yards last night my brain was fizzing with damaging adjectives to describe his performance.

That’s why it was so impressive to see him carry on pushing into the right places and searching for a goal. The miss he had before his goal would have been enough to ruin anyone’s confidence, but Mounie persevered and got his reward. Bravo Steve, bravo!

Wolves fans

From a personal point of view I don’t think I could dislike any Premier League club more than Wolves. Their business model is anathema to fair play and football and their fans as a result, are massive pricks.

In a league of big time Charlies, Wolves’ supporters probably excel as the most deluded and out-of-touch. Therefore to beat them not once, but twice in a season that has been disastrously poor is fantastic, and hilarious.

If you don’t believe me that Wolves fans are deluded and preposterous, take a look at the video below…

Is it back on?

Let’s not lie to ourselves, we’re all football fans and as such we all have a faint glimmer of belief that the unthinkable could happen. When we’re losing 2-0 to Manchester United with a few minutes left there’s that tiny bit of our collective brain that thinks, “what if we get 1 goal back now?”

It’s the same with this season in general. Logically Town will get relegated and probably struggle to pick up a couple more wins this season, BUT, we could survive. Last night I made a deal with myself, if we didn’t beat Wolves I would have to abandon the faint hope of survival.

But we bloody well beat them and now with Brighton and Bournemouth to come, my hopes of a survival are growing. Of course we’ll probably lose to Brighton at the weekend, but we could beat them and we could stay up… It's that hope - no matter how misplaced - that we all ask for.

A final plea

Two of the TerrierBlog team will be taking part in the Big Sleep Out this year, sleeping rough in the stadium the night before the Bournemouth game to raise money for homeless charities in Huddersfield.

Homelessness and poverty have become massive issues in this country in the past few years and these people need our help. If you can spare even £1 please head to our sponsorship page by clicking here and helping to support those in need in Huddersfield.

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