Is the Heffing dream over?

He’s the man, the myth, the star of the town and the face that launched a 1000 T-Shirts, we’ve seen him on the pitch in pre-season but not in Austria, so is the dream over?

I’ll admit straight up I love this man. His goal against Leeds, that interview, the pain and frustration when he missed his play-off penalty, his singing, that smile, the hair, I could go on all day. He feels like one of our own, and given the love Dynamo Dresden fans still have for our Heff, it seems once you’re smitten you can never look back.

But it looks like his time at the Town may be coming to an end, after a season recovering from injury cheering on the lads from the side lines, and bringing joy to unsuspecting fans on a Saturday, have we seen the last of this mighty man?

Let’s be honest it’s time for him to go to somewhere new, for a new set of fans to fall in love with this beautiful German. He’s too young to warm our bench or move into the training staff (a-la Dean Whitehead).

He’s a quality footballer, stout and solid and more than capable of scoring on his day. During our promotion campaign, as one of the first of the new terriers, he was a revelation and one of the first names on the team-sheet. He needs to do the same somewhere else, to play, to grow, to be the loving, joyous heart of a team week in week out.

However, despite being seemingly openly on the transfer list for a while, there’s been no real interest or rumours of anyone coming in for the Heff. If you love someone set them free so here’s my ad for the Heff.

P.S. Heff we love you (in case you missed that bit) if you do go you’re always welcome back in Huddersfield, your presence only made this club better. It’s been a Heffing Dream!

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