Life without Mooy

Recent reports from the News Corp have indicated that Huddersfield Town midfielder Aaron Mooy has suffered a medial ligament injury. It is estimated that Mooy will be out of action for at least a month, precluding his involvement in the Australia team that starts the Asian Cup on January 6th.

Perhaps there is some element of skulduggery to this injury announcement, as Town were set to miss the midfielder for much of January. Games against Jordan, Palestine and Syria don’t look particularly appealing from Mooy’s perspective.

We do not doubt that Mooy is injured, but we would firmly expect to see him in the Huddersfield Town squad on January 12th at Cardiff. But that does mean we’ll be without the Australian midfielder for 5 crucial league games – Newcastle, Southampton, Manchester United, Fulham and Burnley.

How will that affect the team? Will we be able to cope without Mooy in the middle? We’ve delved into the statistics to find out.

With Mooy

Ever since Aaron Mooy joined Huddersfield Town, initially on loan, he has been an ever present in David Wagner’s squad, missing just 6 matches in his two and a half seasons in West Yorkshire. Even when the squad has been heavily rotated, Mooy has either started or made an appearance from the bench on most occasions. Below is the team’s record with Aaron Mooy on the pitch.

Games Featured In: 105

Wins: 37

Draws: 23

Losses: 45

Team Goal Difference: -47

Individual goals: 10

Individual assists: 13

Without Mooy

Games: 6

Wins: 2

Draws: 2

Losses: 2

Team Goal Difference: -6

So will we miss Mooy?

Statistically it’s hard to say as he has played almost every bloody game since he joined Huddersfield Town. From the games that he has missed, at least 2 of them have been anomalies – the 1-5 and 1-6 losses to Manchester City in the FA Cup and Premier League respectively.

Looking at the replacements for Mooy is perhaps more useful, and certainly more worrying. If David Wagner continues to play with three in the centre of midfield then Danny Williams will be the obvious replacement.

That in itself isn’t too worrying as Williams has shown himself to be a tenacious, forward-thinking midfielder. However he has only recently returned from injury and if he suffers another setback during Mooy’s absence we will be looking at either Bacuna or Stankovic as midfield replacements, which is…worrying to say the least.

Hopefully Mooy makes a speedy recovery, perfectly timed to miss the Asia Cup and rejoin the Town squad in January.

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