Luton Town 2 Huddersfield Town 1: Fan Reaction

Following Town’s 2-1 loss at Kenilworth Road yesterday, we opened up our social media accounts and asked for your response to the result. It was Town’s sixth loss in seven games so far this season and makes it just four wins in Town’s last fifty-seven games…

Understandably tensions were running high, but in amongst the expletive-laden responses, there were some glimpses of gallows humour!

Mike Wilson

“I am not going to moan anymore. Being realistic, if we don't get a very good manager in soon, we have no chance of staying in this league!! We are in freefall it is painful for all the fans, please, please owners do something or we are doomed. UTT”

One of TerrierBlog’s biggest fans Mike Wilson kicks us off with this warning about our current form.

John Bailey

“Ref was poor. He should have blown for elbow on Hoggy, but why why why did nobody close the lad down before he put it into the corner? Bad defending AGAIN!”

John shared the same grumble as all of us about the referee but rightly points out the player’s naivety in not defending properly.

Stephan Roux

“Luton Town away started out as a pisstake, and now we really are taking the piss”

Drumroll please* … The winner, of the worst joke of the year award for 2019 goes to … TerrierBlog contributor Stephan Roux!!!

Shane Phelan

“What’s the point in supporting this shower anymore? My first game following the club was Crystal Palace away, Luton Town will be my last. I gave up a season ticket at Old Trafford for this rubbish and I’ll probably have to wait years to get it back. Raging!”

Johnny-come-lately fan Shane Phelan vents his anger at Huddersfield Town, but it’s okay, he can go back to watching Manchester United on the telly!

Ian Bowerman

“Hudson has taken us back to the dark days of Robins . All this passing around at the back is like watching paint dry. Our next managerial appointment is the most important one ever.”

Like a lot of fans, Ian isn’t happy at Town’s tactic of passing the ball around the defence.



“Fans should stop complaining. It could be worse. Look what happened to Bury. It’s about time they started supporting the team a bit more. If they don’t like it they should go and support Leeds or something”

Jason has a good point about backing the players through this tough time, and it gets even better for Jason because he’s won Twitter bingo. Saying ‘we’re not Bury’ grabbed him a line, then the classic ‘go and support Leeds’ comment won him the full house! Sorry, Jason, we’re just winding you up!


“Can’t be expecting to go away to the 2014 Vanarama National Winners and expect to get a result! Perspective.”

Rob’s always good for a tongue-in-cheek comment and this tweet brought a brief smile to our faces after the game.


“I feel so disconnected from the team now, I actually wasn’t affected by the loss, just sort of expected it”

Robert pretty much sums up how we feel at TerrierBlog right now. Did anyone seriously expect anything other than a defeat yesterday? We certainly didn’t.


“I don’t know who to blame anymore but something needs to change if we don’t want to go back to League One.”

That’s kind of the problem right now, isn’t it? Who do we blame? Who’s the scapegoat? We can’t say for sure, but there is no shortage of candidates.


“Absolute toilet”

Daniel rounds up our fan reaction piece with this two-word precis of the result. In truth, it’s hard to argue with him...

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