Over to you, Stephan Roux: Fulham Reaction

So Saturday did not go to script, or not least the one David Wagner had written. But the burning question amongst the fans was, what the hell was the script anyway?

Six defenders plus Jonathan Hogg isn't an idea that's going to get you going forward and scoring goals. So by 14:01 we all knew what we were in for, another afternoon of possession, knocking it about the halfway line praying not to concede a goal.

From the stands I couldn't really tell you an awful lot of memorable insight during the game, and not just because those in front of me where somewhat taller in stature than I. It was really poor, lacking in energy, desire and overall, out of ideas. Again dominant in possession with nowt to show for it, against relegation rivals in a genuine 6 pointer. Town had the air they would cling on for a 0-0 draw from before kick-off, and they did for 90 minutes. Only to have a fine penalty save (poor shot aside) negated by a late winner for the home team.

No new ideas = no points!

So let's get real. There's a huge chance we will be relegated and maybe even before the last game. Does it matter? Yes it does and no it doesn't.

No it doesn't.

We've been a Championship kind of team for a long time and the football is real, achievable and good to watch. We'll probably be on the TV more and have parachute payments etc, we'll cling to a few decent players and have a clear out of some others, it could rejuvenate us and we could be back in the big time in a heart beat.

Yes is does!

We earned our seat at the big boys table and we are capable of more. The team isn't awful, and a lot of the players are not bad either putting in good shifts and playing for their spots.

However Wagner's tactics and approach do need to change.

After our game I watched his buddy's team thrash Arsenal with a brand of football that any fan can enjoy watching (unless you're on the receiving end) I can't help thinking that a 4-3-3 approach even with our personnel could be exactly what the town fans are screaming for.

Not teams set up to not lose with 6 or more recognised defenders on the pitch.

I think most fans would agree if we go down with a bang rather than a whimper it would hurt a whole lot less.

Wagner out?

Simply no, none of the shower of shite relegation specialists will help the club even if they kept it up, they'd overspend and do something dubious be out before August and we'd be a ship cut adrift, likely to go through it all again and still get relegated a year later.

Let's not do that, it's a total folly. Let's continue the project and build something that is more than a season, a new and better foundation for our beloved club. Thankfully this is the mission Dean Hoyle set for Wagner and as a proper fan it's totally the right decision. Deano wants to make sure that Town never face the the fear of administration again, that the club will still be here in 100 years.

So let's think about those ambitious goals and how other clubs have built a legacy. Ferguson, Wenger, Busby, Shankly even to a point Benitez, Dyche, and Howe have all been given what some might call a free pass in a number of seasons some even with relegation.

Keeping the faith has allowed the club's to solidify around an ideology to make errors but stick to the path and eventually great things have come to those who waited.

As tough as it is keep the faith but let's change the tactics and outlook please David.

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