Pure Class. Town Vs Derby 

Ok so obviously we don't mean the whole game, there were many patches that felt achingly familiar to any Town fan. I am referring to the goal! That's all we're going to talk about in this post. 

Pure Class! 

Now like most of you we've not exactly seen a lot of goals for the Terriers but each one sticks in the mind forever. Etched into your subconscious. And Tuesday nights was one of the greatest. We looked like bloody Barcelona, cutting through Derby like butter, silky smooth, forward-looking and a wonderfully clinical finish from the much-maligned Bacuna. On his day he's got something. Not that this was his best game but the finish was superb. 

Played out from the back little touches. Some tenacity, running, and numbers all doing the right thing and heading forward. 

Just wonderful stuff! More, more, more! 

The social media critics stunned into silence or moaning about the price of petrol, the latest government restrictions, or other pitiful gripes. 

What a difference a couple of weeks can make. I mean not totally but you could see the green shoots starting to bud. Good tactical substitutions at the right times and of a desire that has often seemed lacking. 

The goal though, that was class, and while non of us got to enjoy it in person. In fact, ifollow bugged out for me for this precise minute. I've watched it 100 times since and each time it's better, it's hope, possibility, and the prospect that an audacious plan "could" work. 

To bring us all down to earth and give us an excuse to moan, we have Preston North End next up and they have a bad habit of defeating the Terriers. 

But whatever happens next, we will always have that goal. 


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