No blog this week, which given the result and the performance may just be as well.

As you will have seen John our beloved founder and chief writer is calling time on his absolute commitment to the blog. Which means a transition period.

We asked you if you wanted to keep the blog alive and a massive 84% of you said yes!

With that in mind, a bunch of you said you'd like to contribute, so we're calling for writers, photographers, videographers and anyone else who would like to get involved. Please leave your name, skills and contact details on our wonderful sheet here, if you'd like to be a part of it, and Stephan will contact you all soon. We're calling it a fan takeover in the style of Barcelona, TB will now be run by and for you. We hope to keep up the standards John has set, but this is a tall order but between us we can keep this Huddersfield Town's premier blog, no matter what league we're in.

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