Sean Jarvis Issues Rallying Cry to Town Fans

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Huddersfield Town commercial director Sean Jarvis yesterday issued a rallying call to Terriers fans ahead of the clubs second season in the Premier League. Taking to social media, Jarvis called on Town fans to recreate the superb atmosphere from last season.

His unabridged comments are below, and every Town fan should make sure to read and take on board Jarvis' advice.

"Town were magnificent last season! In fact I think the best the stadium has ever seen...


"We got the plaudits of many visiting managers and I think they were genuinely surprised by what atmosphere you brought.

"Many of us went to grounds on the reputation of atmosphere and they paled into insignificance compared to ours....

"So Premier League part 2 is almost upon us...

"What lies ahead will be some highs, lows, lucky moments, unlucky moments, surprises, upsets, times of high drama and incredible challenges.....

"We MUST NOT fall into the trap of the second season syndrome... as I am sure David and the players will keep their intensity and terrier spirit..... so MUST we

Sean Jarvis meeting Terrierblog team

"Even when times are tough and things may not go our way.... we need to draw on our unity as a Club and let the passion and support lift everyone associated to the Terriers. Together, that’s, the fans, players, staff, corporates must stick together and work together to be stronger....

"That person next too you is a Town fan...encourage them to sing, shout and give all...

Ok, there maybe moments and things you disagree with... that’s fine... but always remember it’s our collective strength that can really make a difference.... I genuinely mean that.... we have to embrace old and new supporters alike... we have to stick together...we have to show terrier spirit at all times..

"Leave nothing behind and like the players have no regrets on not playing your part in the season ahead... give everything and more... dig deep find that TERRIER SPIRIT

Now we are no longer the new boys... 3 new teams are there to chase us down.. the pundits are once again tipping us to struggle!

"We have proved them wrong last time, let’s do it again... so....

"Let’s find that superb spirit that was there last year from the very first kick to the very last and who knows what we can achieve....

"Let’s show the world and The Premier League what HUDDERSFIELD TOWN is all about..... ALL OVER AGAIN!


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