Shite. Shite. Shite. Penalty - F*ck

5 words that sum up the Forest game and our season to be fair. Beware this post contains an awful lot of swearing.

Another week another Town defeat, as it stands today the Terriers are in big trouble sitting in the relegation places on goal difference with seven games remaining and 21 points to play for. For fuck's sake, we were Premier League this time last year. This shower of shite has managed to drag the club from the upper echelons of football's elite to staring League 1 in the face.

Sunday's game, just like that against Wigan, was a total let down. Both Wigan and Forest are teams we have managed to beat this season yet in the return fixtures we rolled over, showed our soft underbelly and sank to piss poor defeats.

I'm not going to waste keystrokes on reviewing the "performance" or looking for positives, it's time for some hard truths. Without at least 4 wins from 7 games, we are doomed, simple as that, every team around us won on this weekend, we simply can not drop points when others collect them. Which means we require a 50%+ win rate and a decent swing in our GD to ensure we remain in the Championship. I want to see it, I want to believe, I want to keep the faith, but it becomes increasingly hard to not look at the bare facts, we are not good enough, individually or as a team. We've four weeks remaining and the games are coming thick and fast, we need a quick and simple solution a game plan that gets points. We've seen a few trickles of Cowley's out etc but this will fix absolutely fuck all. Terrierblog has faith in the lads to do something, their kind nature and warm hearts may need to be exchanged for hairdryers and bollockings to get the results but whatever it takes.

I don't want to cast around looking for blame and shouts of Big Phil out, Cowley's out etc, it's just not the time. Something went rotten at the club and it needs sorting out, I'm sure none of us believes that this bunch of players aren't capable of winning a game of football. They are we've seen it with our own eyes. Everyone looks in a right funk, even Captain Schindler himself was slouching around the pitch on Sunday afternoon, Hogg couldn't even be bothered to get himself booked for the second week in a row. These are players we have regarded as the spine and beating heart of our team, driving us forward with passion and desire. Now they are more mice than men.

It's tough, talking about fan favourites in this manner but these guys need a rocket more than the original wantaways, at least they were honest about not giving a flying fuck. Even while we are losing they seem to be able to conspire to be worse, a prime example being Juninho Bacuna who managed to get himself sent off after arriving as a substitute and rather late for a tackle, and now missing three massively important games.

We can but hope for something on Wednesday evening against Birmingham a chink of light, some hope that it isn't all over despite the increasingly awful looking maths. With Air Mounie out of action and Campbell recovering we can only have one hope, our saviour from relegation and the only man who can, I am of course talking about Super Colin Quaner fresh from a contract extension (we've paid for him so get the lad on) surely he will save us.

Honestly, we're fucked, I hope I'm wrong, I hope I've egg all over my face and you are all pointing this article in a months time calling me a non-believer, but most of all I fucking hope we are not going to Luton Town away again next season it's not funny anymore.

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