Stoke 0 Town 1: Filthy Football Never Felt Better

Last night Huddersfield Town won their first competitive game in seven months and five days, courtesy of a late strike from Juninho Bacuna at The bet365 Stadium. It wasn’t until I worked out the time since our last victory that last night’s events fully sunk in for me.

In truth, I had no real idea of how to react after the game or how to feel. Of course, I jumped up and down like a fool when we scored and even more so when the referee blew the full-time whistle, but after all of that, I sat on the sofa feeling a bit strange.

My arm twitched toward my phone, eager to compose an angry tweet about our performance, the referee or our incessant bad luck. I felt an overwhelming compulsion to head to the shed and see how many bullseyes I could hit on my Florent Hadergjonaj/Mathias Zanka/Phillip Billing (DELETE WHERE APPLICABLE) dartboard.

Yet there was no need to do any such thing, for I had just watched my team do what I had once taken for granted - win. Once I’d shaken that feeling of melancholy I retweeted every joyous tweet I came across on Twitter, lapped up the post-match comments and started to envisage our next win.

The most startling thing I discovered was that Danny Cowley is now just 2 points off the total points amassed by Jan Siewert in 19 games! Victory over Hull City at the weekend would see the Cowley’s surpass Siewert’s half-a-season points tally - wow!

It was just after that moment that I decided to take a look at the highlights of last night’s game, after which I remembered just how dreadful the match actually was. In my joy at the result, I had momentarily forgotten the drudgery of the 100 minutes or so of action.

That didn’t disappoint me or annoy me though, in fact, it made me feel even better about the game. For some time I have been calling for a ‘shithouse’ performance where we bore the opposition to tears and battle our way to a hard-fought victory, and last night was that moment.

We showed guts, determination, and concentration to outmanoeuvre Stoke and come away with the three points. It can’t be underestimated how impressive that is for a team to do when they have lost almost every game they have played for the better part of a year.

What’s more, is the fact that last night’s game was a must-win. The manager, players, pundits and even myself may have said that it wasn’t beforehand, but make no mistakes, it was. If we had lost that game or even failed to win, the mental impact on the players would have been monumental and perhaps insurmountable.

Stoke, like ourselves, came into this game bereft of confidence and unable to buy a win from anywhere. Our victory looks to have sunk Stoke further into the quagmire and will more than likely end up costing Nathan Jones his job in the Potteries.

Yet for us, we can look forward, with hope, optimism and most importantly confidence. Last night showed to the fans and the players that the quality is there and that we can win games in this league if we do the basics correctly.

It may have been boring to watch at times and it certainly wasn’t a feast of football, but I’ll trade that in for the winning feeling any day of the week. If we play dreadfully at the weekend yet still beat Hull, I will certainly not be complaining.

Until then, UTT.

For anyone still reading, I'll end this article with a bit of admin... If you're a regular reader of the blog you may well have noticed the site being a little quiet over the last 10 days, and that's my fault.

Without going into too much detail, one or two things have prevented me from contributing to the blog during that time - such is life! Whilst Daniel and Stephan do help me with the running of the site and the social media, I write 99% of the articles on TerrierBlog.

That's why I'm looking for more people to come on board and write for the site. If you have a passion for Huddersfield Town and can convey that well in words, I want to hear from you.

To get involved please email me at with your name and a brief 200-300 word example of your writing. I can't guarantee you an office and a personal assistant, but I can guarantee you an established platform to get your opinion out and act as an online portfolio of work.

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