Let's not panic just yet

It’s been a difficult few weeks for us town fans, in fact it’s been awful! 4 games and 11 goals against, only one to the good, Stankovic as top scorer and two own goals isn’t much to celebrate!

Now, over the years I’ve seen town lose more than I’ve seen them win, so much so a friend’s Dad asked me not to go to the game so we stood more of a chance. But this isn’t Town of old, with Andy Booth knocking them in off his head on a wet Wednesday in Preston, this is David Wagner’s Terriers, we’ve come to expect a little more.

Terry needs you!

That’s not to say any of us expect to be fighting for major honours, mid-table mediocrity would satisfy most fans, but after all the pre-season promise, pacey signings and expectations we’ve been treated to 4 woeful displays. Whilst Chelsea and Man City could be expected to overcome the underdogs, it felt like we were not in the games, the team feels disconnected from each other and worst of all the fans themselves.

It’s not clear what’s happened or where Wagner’s head or his strongest eleven is right now. Town are in dire need of not even a win, but as the head coach often states a decent performance.

Having made a 500-mile round trip to travel to my own church and our “start of our season” against a dull and defensive Cardiff, I fully expected us to employ the Gengenpress, go at the Blue Birds and play with terrier spirit.

Sadly only Jonathan Hogg really got in their faces and saw red for it. By full time the exertion of playing with 10 men for half an hour and the physical nature of Cardiff’s play had taken its toll on the players - but more so the fans, who were on the whole as poor as the players on the pitch. But it was OK because we had an easier game in the cup come Tuesday against a struggling Championship side Stoke.


Tuesday came and went, with the only highlights of the game being outnumbering the home support and the own goal of the year by debutante Bacuna.

Cue the bile and calls for Big Sam et al sweeping social media. While I’ve never understood the calls for Aladyce by fans of any club, and well football itself, I fully understand the frustration and confusion with the coach’s current tinkering and defensive outlook.

Whilst I’m Town till I die and will be there in Blue and White even in the Conference, keeping the faith whilst watching drab football is certainly not easy. It’s far too soon for calls of Wagner out, but it is time for Wagner to sort it out!

Listening to BBC Radio 5Live on my way back from Cardiff and hearing one Man United fan in particular, upset with the special one’s defensive and dull style of football, saying the following: “We don’t mind losing 5-4, but we want to see entertaining football” - his dubious choice of football team and cockney accent aside, he is bloody right!

Chin up Aaron

That’s what every single football fan wants and expects from their team, to go out there and give it a go! 6-1 to City, fair enough but we never really got going and the scoreline wasn’t created as much by how good City were but how poor and error prone we were.

So what’s the answer? Honestly I don’t know! I’m not football coach, tactician, or even Paul Merson, but I do have faith in Herr Wagner, he’s starting to look as disappointed and upset as the fans despite the sound bites. I’m not holding out much hope for the Everton game either, however, the international break that follows is the perfect time for a reality check, a reset and some of that Wagner magic that was sprinkled on a poor squad at the wrong end of the Championship on his arrival.

A little perspective and a return to the style of football that made us fall in love with this man and re-energised our club! Let’s be honest we’d have loved him without promotion and without successfully navigating a first season in the finest league in the world. I’ll still love the salt and pepper German if we get relegated, as long as we play football that’s great to watch, football that gets fans out of their seats bouncing around and singing, having a go at whoever the opponent is in front of us!

Let’s just hope the reset button is pressed firmly and we can start to play with some urgency going forward and get some goals. If we do and we can beat Everton, 4 pts from 4 games is on target and the season doesn’t look so bad, but even if we lose, if we go out and play some decent football - football we know we’re capable of - and have a go, I believe most Town fans would go to sleep with something approaching a smile on their faces come Saturday night.

Till next time, keep the faith and UTT

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