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It's hard to imagine or put into words how far Huddersfield Town have come since I went to my first match in 2004, and since I penned my first blog in 2011. The Terriers are now in their second season in the Premier League, however when I first took to my keyboard they were mired in League One.

Indeed no tweet relating to Huddersfield Town could be seen at the time without #LeagueOneForever such was the feeling that we would never gain promotion to the Championship. In the first of our TerrierBlog revisited series we time travel back to August 24th, 2011.

Have a read and perhaps thank your lucky stars at how far we have come in the past 7 years.

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Hello and welcome all to the inaugaral 'Terrier blog', which will hopefully be the first of many! Through this blog I'll try to sum up the weeks events, in one bitesize and humorous chunk!

The first matter that I feel needs discussing, is the Colchester game that has just gone, now before I start echoing the thoughts of many and bemoaning the defending, I'll just remind you all that we did indeed win the match.

Hopefully this match can prove to be the catalyst for our season, and perhaps see us take off on a winning run as oppose to an unbeaten run. However, I think the chances of a 29 match winning run are about as likely as Peter Clarke and Jamie McCombe becoming olympic sprinters!

The pleasing aspect for me from Saturday, was the way that we responded in the second-half, this gave me hope for the next few games.

So a 3-2 victory, a shocking miss from the once FA Cup semi-finalist Kayode Odejayi and a brace from Jordan Rhodes, a pretty routine day all round, well done Town.

Now to the matter of last nights match against European giants Cardiff City. I unfortunately decided to opt out of this game, as I'm not enthralled with the idea of watching Town in Europe.

What a humongous mistake I thought when I heard Oggy praising the comeback which saw Town come from 2 goals down to lead the Bluebirds 3-2. However, the same old frailties that have plagued this club throughout the years soon returned to rear their ugly heads.

Somehow we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A 5-3 reversal, almost suicidal defending and an abysmal miss from my favourite joker, Alan Lee, a pretty routine day all round, bloody hell Town!

“Obviously we have got to defend a lot better at times. If you score three away from home you should really be winning the game.

“Having said that, I thought we showed we could match a team like Cardiff, and it is at big grounds and in front of passionate fans that our players should be aiming to play every week.”

Here we have a snippet of the views disembowed by Lee Clark after last nights reversal, the striking thing here is the juxtoposition of his comments. It is obvious that we cannot defend very well at the moment, I as many of you am at a loss to explain this, the only obvious causes it would seem would be that the whole defence is on LSD, or have been cloned and swapped for pub players (see the curious case of Alan Lee).

Then in the second half of the quote, Lee goes on to explain that we can compete with teams like Cardiff, which in a funny kind of way gives me more hope for the season.

If we fix our defence, then I honestly feel that we will have a very succesful season, however if we do not, I fear more inconsistency and an upswing in heart-attacks at the Galpharm over the coming months.

Thoughts for last nights game; well done Town good effort, apart from the defence, who deserved to be bludgeoned to death by wild dwarves for their crimes against HTFC, too harsh?

Oh well, another 'oh so nearly' moment for the Terriers, but you know what they say, onwards and upwards....towards Wycombe.

Ands that's that until next week, try and enjoy the Wycombe game.

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