The TerrierBlog End of Season Awards 2018/2019

This season has been pretty tough for Huddersfield Town fans who have had just 3 wins to cheer in all competitions over the past 10 months. The club’s official end of season awards ceremony was a bit of a damp squib, but that doesn’t have to be the case with the TerrierBlog awards.

Strap yourselves in as we dish out our alternative end of season awards, if you think we’ve got any wrong don’t forget to log in and comment your choices below.

Player of the Season – Christopher Schindler

Okay it might seem a little odd to give a defender the player of the season award after his side have conceded 6,000 goals throughout the season. BUT. It’s Christopher Schindler, the most beautiful, honest and loyal man in the world of football.

He’s given his all whenever he’s stepped out on the pitch this season and at times he has looked like a beleaguered captain plugging holes in the side of his ship whilst an iceberg rips it in half from below.

Emerging Talent – Juninho Bacuna

The 1-1 draw against Manchester United in our final game of the season was vital for young Bacuna – it was the first time he hadn’t finished on the losing side all season. Despite those around him losing their heads, Bacuna has stepped up to the challenge and played with genuine heart and desire.

In amongst all the blood and thunder of his play there have been genuine glimpses of quality which gives us hope ahead of next season.

Moment of the Season – Wolves 0 Huddersfield 2

On a winter’s day in 2018 Huddersfield Town travelled to newly-promoted Wolverhampton Wanderers and taught them a footballing lesson. Nuno Espirito Santo’s side had performed well in the league up to that point.

In the aftermath of the game it felt like Town had taught them a hard lesson about life in the Premier League. Turns out that result was just a flash in the pan, in fact it was our penultimate win of the season…in November.

Most Overrated Player – Jonas Lossl

Not by fans, not by managers or pundits but by himself. The Danish ‘keeper pulled off a remarkable save at the end of the previous season to preserve Town’s Premier League status and arguably deserved recognition for that.

Unfortunately he rated himself so highly that he lost his place in the first team at the beginning of the season because of his extortionate wage demands. A summer of warming the bench for Denmark at the World Cup must have really boosted his ego – he didn’t play a single minute in Russia…

Head in the Sand Ostrich Award – Gary Lineker

On the now defunct Linker & Baker podcast the duo lamented the lack of ‘big clubs’ in the Premier League which led Lineker onto the topic of Sheffield Wednesday. The Match of the Day presenter went onto say,

“Yorkshire has been so underrepresented in the Premier League in recent years. It’s MAD that we don’t have a team from Yorkshire in the Premier League! How can that be!?”

A few days later he would go on to discuss a Huddersfield Town game on Match of the Day. Maybe check out some maps Gary?

Best Fans – Us

The Town fans this season have been a credit to the club and themselves throughout. The Cowshed Loyal have witnessed 3 victories all season but have never let the team down and have always given 100% backing from the stands.

After what we’ve seen on the pitch this season it wouldn’t have been surprising to see fans staying away from the stadium, booing the players and kicking off every five minutes. Our support has been amazing, if you doubt that then check out the Sunderland documentary on Netflix…

Worst Fans – Us

Okay I’ll admit, I’ve added this one for ‘shock value’ and to be a contrarian, but we did kind of hound Ben Hamer off social media. The former Charlton ‘keeper has obviously had a poor season and he would probably be the first to admit that, but…

He ended up copping a lot of abuse on social media and some of that wasn’t very pleasant. It was from a minority of fans to be fair but we shouldn’t really turn a blind eye to that sort of thing, having said that…

You’re a Professional!? – Ben Hamer & Juninho Bacuna

We’ve just said it’s wrong to call Ben Hamer out on social media, but having said that we can still have a laugh at his funniest moment of the season. Away to Bristol City in the FA Cup he somehow managed to put a goal-kick out for a corner which left a lot of Town fans asking, “Is he a professional or has he won a competition to be here?”

There was no separating Ben Hamer and Juninho Bacuna for this award though with Bacuna’s moment coming in the other domestic cup competition. An own-goal from the halfway line perhaps sums our season up to be honest.

Manager of the Season – Jan Siewert

An unexpected category to be fair as we expected David Wagner to see the season out as Huddersfield Town manager. Neither performed admirably in truth and although Wagner picked up more points we’ve gone for Siewert as manager of the season.

Why? Because Wagner pinpointed wingers as our main area of improvement over the summer and then changed to a system that featured no wingers. Maybe he had no confidence in the summer signings, but it was still a pretty baffling decision.

Penis of the Season – Jason Cundy

As a normal person I obviously don’t listen to TalkSport after 6pm so I have Twitter to thank for my exposure to Jason Cundy this season. TalkSport’s very own Alan Partridge called us ‘Cruddersfield’ live on air and said we were the worst team he had ever season.

When pushed by a Town fan to name one single Huddersfield player, Cundy responded with ‘Del Potra’. We know that TalkSport is the click-bait version of radio but this rant from Cundy was piss-poor even by their own very low standards.

Turd of the Season – Florent Hadergjonaj

To borrow a Twitter trope;

Name me a worse player this season, I’ll wait…

Tintin has been woeful this season, ducking out of challenges, falling down in the face of a light breeze and abdicating his defensive duties at every opportunity. Speaking to a journalist in Switzerland he then went on to effectively say he was ‘too good’ for the Championship.

I’m not sure he’s actually good enough for that league and I look forward to watching his descent to the regional Swiss divisions in the near future.

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