Tottenham talking points

Huddersfield Town headed off to Wembley on Saturday to face Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. The game was described as a ‘free-hit’ by Town legend Andy Booth beforehand and the Terriers weren’t expected to pick anything up in the capital.

And that’s how it panned out for David Wagner’s men, two goals for Son either side of half-time gave the hosts a comfortable victory. Here we take a look at the main talking points from the game.

Premier League Inequality

Yes, Huddersfield Town have beaten Manchester United and yes Brighton have beaten Arsenal, but this league reeks of inequality. Manchester City look set to be crowned champions in the next few weeks – after spending over half a billion pounds on players in recent years.

In fact Spurs striker Harry Kane – who Real Madrid are courting – is worth more than our entire football club. Unfortunately this league is no longer competitive, there are six teams operating on a completely different level to the other fourteen.

Huddersfield lost two goals to nil yesterday, which has been widely recognised as a ‘good result’. And it is, it’s a good result because a team such as ours could have easily been beaten five or six by Tottenham.

And why is that? It’s because they have much, much more resources than us. The financial inequality in the Premier League is slowly eroding the very essence of football.

Compare this league to the Championship and there’s no competition whatsoever. The second tier is a league full of evenly matched teams, competing on a relatively level playing field. The Premier League is a Tory paradise, a world of haves and have-nots.

Wembley Atmosphere

The national stadium used to be the Holy Grail for football fans from all round the globe, now it’s a vacuous, soulless concert arena. From the moment we stepped off the tube, something just didn’t feel right.

There were foam hands, selfie sticks, flashing light sticks and ticket touts everywhere. Next to the ground there’s a shopping centre with a cinema, a TGI Fridays and various designer clothes shops.

Once you get past all that and make it into the stadium, you head up the escalators and past the garish quotations painted on the walls on the way to your seat, where you’re surrounded by tourists.

People that shout, ‘pow, skillz bruv’ when Son plays a back-heel pass. People that talk about players FIFA ratings. People that leave after sixty minutes to make sure they catch their train connection back to Reading, Oxford, Southampton or anywhere but fucking London.

When both Spurs goals went in there was a ripple of approval from a crowd that simply demanded to be entertained, rather than support their team. The atmosphere was more akin to a One Direction concert than a football match.

The globalisation of the Premier League has led to an over-sanitation of grounds, and quite frankly it’s not for me. Give me Boundary Park over Wembley any day, and shove your foam hands, selfie sticks and flashing light sticks up your arses, sideways!!!

Poor Spurs fans

Lastly, it’s the Tottenham fans that I feel sorry for. They have to sit through this monotonous shower of shit every other week. All they have to look forward to is four or five home games a season when they come up against another super rich team that’s on their level.

The rest of their time they watch foregone conclusions and have to sit next to football tourists who know nothing about the game. They’re missing what makes football, football.

The unpredictability, the passion, the roar of the crowd, the smell of stale beer farts, chunky pies and piss-stained toilets. Give me that instead of Wembley any day.

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