Town are staying up? Are they? Should they?

So here we are with 2 games to play, 2 points above the drop zone and a slightly better goal difference than those around us, not happy viewing for any Terrier. Staring at the table calculating what other teams may get, avidly watching text updates and the "live" table for weeks is enough to give anyone dyscalculia or in short a stress headache. As the game weeks ebb away and Danny Cowley's team put in piss average performances and grind out a couple of draws, it's starting to look like it might just be enough. 

With the points deduction for Wigan (pending) they still need three more points from two games than Huddersfield can gather to finish above us. Tuesday's opponents Wednesday equally are pending a points deduction of 9-12 points, which would currently sit them on 42-45 points and just inside the relegation bubble with 6 points available 51/52 is the magic number. Stoke, Boro and Brum all on 50 points should survive and we could yet finish above all three of them. Wigan's whipping boys Hull and our tormentors from last Friday evening Luton have to play each other confirming one or both teams in the drop. And finally, Barnsley whose game in hand is against the dirty mighty whites (soggy half and half white sliced loaf from the 80's reference) who have actually struggled against the lower teams this season failing to overcome Luton either, but should, in all honesty, beat Barnsley. 

In all likelihood, there are a few points left on the table for the teams in the bottom three or four in their remaining fixtures and if all goes to form Town will be staying up by the skin of their teeth. Expect some bumps and a small heart attack along the way though. 

A win against West Bromwich on Friday night would again be enough to keep us up, a solitary point would still take us to the last game of the season and potentially goal difference, a loss likewise. This is the last game where it is truly in our hands let's just hope we can raise our performance against the baggies in their push for promotion. In reality, keeping the scoreline slim could be just as crucial. 

Town does have a habit of raising their game against the better sides and crumbling to weaker opposition, a trend we need to see continue if we are to own our fate, rather than wait for it to happen to us.

Likewise, a result at Millwall would also keep us safe but they are inching up on a playoff place and will have everything to play for next Wednesday. 

Sadly we expect the Cowley's to set up for a draw in both games to hit the 50 point mark and with it safety. This won't be fun but we are more likely to grind out a couple of nil-nil bore draws than score a goal right now, how achingly familiar. (Man City, Chelsea anyone) 

Should we stay up? 

To be honest we're not the worst team in the league or even one of the worst five or six since DC took over a severely handicapped team, both physically and mentally in some cases, with a point on the board after six games. So yes we do deserve to stay up, just. We have form for doing just this kind of thing, scraping by and not knowing which league we will be in or what away days are on the cards. This has been the case for the last 5 seasons at least, so it wouldn't be Town without the drama. No matter the manager or the playing staff it seems this is our fate to be in limbo not knowing, waiting, hoping and secretly loving every agonising minute of it. 

Till next time keep the faith, don your lucky pants, find that mate that brings us luck, kiss a religious artefact and rub your lucky rabbit feet. 

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