Town Fans React To Fulham Loss & Siewert Departure

Last night Huddersfield Town lost their third game of the season as they fell 2-1 at home to Fulham in a league tie. That result was the final straw for Phil Hodgkinson who took the brave decision to sack Jan Siewert after the game.

After the game we took to Facebook and Twitter to gauge the opinions of the fans, here’s what we found.

On the Performance


Promising first half, minus Bacuna. Deserved getting booed off the field. Second half abysmal.


Grant is a gem but can’t play on his own. We aren’t positive enough and at the moment I can’t see where our next goal is coming from. Grabara is class as well. We aren’t good enough to compete at the top of this league. Surely it’s time for 2 up top?


Pub football if I’ve ever seen it. Bacuna has struggled all season, gave the ball away and killed every attack that went through him, assist for their goal was comical. Individual errors cost us yet again, subs not utilised until game killing second goal, change in personnel needed.


Clueless all over the pitch. Barely any attacking thought. Bacuna trying to ping Hollywood passes every time he gets the ball. The formation needs to change to get Pritchard in behind Grant and two actual wingers who can beat a man and cross the ball.


2-1 at home. Need to push for a goal. Bring a useless lump on up top and put your top scorer and main threat out wide. Fucking clueless. Time to go. #HTAFC

Benjamin Carder

First 45 minutes was better (not fantastic), we looked a better side and had much more enthusiasm to how we were playing. We looked threatening at times but not good enough. Too much pissing about with the ball in the last third.

Samantha Higgins

Good first half, but a lack of fight come second half, team looked tired and not willing to push. When they did push they looked as though they didn’t know what to do.

Chris Smith

Beaten by the better side who had a cutting edge while ours was blunt, sadly changing manager won’t change anything. So sorry for the Jan Siewert haters, this comes down to the clown who recruited sub-standard players. Now the fans are wanting Quaner & VLP in the side ffs!

Nigel Daniel

Disappointed with the performance. Just can’t finish. Not sure it’s entirely the manager’s fault. As they said on Radio Leeds the Championship is the fifth most important league in Europe and we can’t string passes together. Worrying.

On Jan Siewert’s Departure

Scott Fisher

We had Mooy and like it or not a great (but mostly lazy) talent in Billing, both big players for Town. They both leave with nobody to replace them other than Bacuna and Diakhaby. That’s the same as giving you an iPhone 8 to start a job and then taking that away and giving you a Nokia 3210 to carry on with.

Anybody would struggle their arse off!! Jan will be good one day and Town have handled this poorly. The players have to step up and show more than they are doing. Bullshit from the start from Town ever since getting relegated. Not Jan’s fault completely.

Dan Reilly

Now Seaworld’s gone please can he take Bacuna and Elphick with him now? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that lad’s gonna cost us points, but gift wrapping ‘em a goal and it’s not even Christmas!

Michael Cottam

Siewert was a very good manager, the club have made a massive mistake in letting him go. I know results weren’t good but I could see development and the improvement of a plan under him. Next manager? I’d love to see Lee Clark back, if not him then maybe Martin Jol?


Probably stuck with Jan out of respect for the people who employed him in the first place. Just as Dean Hoyle stood back and let Stan Ternent be appointed in the early days! Big chance for Phil Hodgkinson to win back the fans now with the right appointment. No cheap options!


I’m not sure going for a big name is necessarily right. We have a young team and I wouldn’t be averse to the Cowley’s or someone with proven success at a lower level who is ready to step up. For me the disaster would be promoting from within.

C’est Fin

That’s it for the fan opinions, there were plenty more that we just couldn’t include because of the sheer volume of messages we received. To all those that gave their opinions, thank you very much.

We’ll keep doing this fixture on a weekly basis so there will be plenty of opportunities to get your voice (well, words) heard. We’ll sign this article off with the top five favourites to replace

Jan Siewert…

Mark Hudson 2/1

Chris Hughton 2/1

Nigel Adkins 4/1

Sol Campbell 6/1

Gary Rowett 14/1

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