#WagnerOut : The Reality

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Social media is a breeding place for unpopular opinions, and usually we take what we read with a pinch of salt on those platforms. However following the defeat to Watford at the weekend we couldn't help but be annoyed at what we were seeing.

The #WagnerOut brigade were in full swing with swathes of people saying it was time to ditch the German who has brought us so much success. You know, the guy that took over when we were heading down to League One. The guy that got us promoted to the Premier League against all odds and actually kept us their against all odds last season.

The same guy that brought the passion and feeling of belonging back to the club. The guy that gave us all a collective meaning and purpose. As you may have guessed, we're vehemently in opposition to the #WagnerOut brigade.

Instead of arguing the pros and cons of David Wagner though, we feel the best way to convince the Wagner doubters of their lunacy is to evaluate the options available to us should they get their way.

So hop into our imagined scenario in which Dean Hoyle has sacked David Wagner and is weighing up his replacement opportunities.

Sam Allardyce - The People's Choice

Big Sam is a popular figure amongst an older generation of Town fans after he endeared himself to the Leeds Road faithful in 1985. After seeing Jeff Hopkins break his team mate's leg with a horrific tackle, Allardyce ran in to confront Hopkins and was subsequently sent off by the referee.

When Allardyce eventually left the pitch he attempted to kick down the away dressing room door so that he could get into Hopkins and give him a hiding. That particular incident gave him somewhat of a cult status amongst Town fans, but what about his suitability as manager?

Credit: Scoops Nest

Well firstly he'd want to at least match David Wagner's salary and would expect a bonus of around £2 million if he were to keep us in the Premier League. If we do get relegated, he'd also want a clause instilled whereby he could walk away and wash his hands of the club.

Our post-match celebrations would dissapear, Laurent Depoitre and Steve Mounie would be used as battering rams and our squad would be filled with Premier League journeymen in January.

Credit: Xtratime

Big Sam would also take every opportunity available to him to belittle the club in order to maintain his own reputation. Oh and finally, we would play the most boring football imaginable.

David Moyes - Yesterday's Choice

The dour Scot was once one of the most highly regarded managers in the English game during his reign at Everton. Against all the odds Moyes transformed Everton from relegation candidates to Champions League hopefuls. In fact The Toffees actually qualified for the Champions League 13 years ago under Moyes.

Fastforward to the modern day and Moyes is seen as a bit of a joke by the football community. After inheriting Sir Alex Ferguson's title winning side, he took Manchester United to 7th in the table before being sacked.

Credit: Who Ate All The Pies

Moyes moved to Spanish side Real Sociedad in a bid to restore his career but was subsequently sacked after a poor run of results and failing to learn Spanish and acclimatise to his new surroundings.

Sunderland were the next port of call for Moyes where he resigned after overseeing their relegation to the Championship. Last season the West Ham owners made the baffling decision to appoint Moyes as the replacement to Slaven Billic.

Moyes was vaguely succesful at West Ham, helping them to avoid relegation, but in truth that wasn't much of an achievement considering the strength of their squad.

If he were to join Town he'd focus firstly on sorting out our leaky defence, and probably fail in that endeavour as he has done in his previous 3 jobs. Other than defensive solidity, there isn't really anything else in his arsenal so we'd be relegated in boring fashion and he would once again be unemployed in the summer.

Christoph Buhler - The Safe Choice

If Dean Hoyle somehow managed to break Buhler's loyalty to David Wagner and appoint him as manager, what else would he bring to the role? He has learned from Wagner over the years and is a big believer in his philosophies.

Credit: HTTV

Inevitably he would carry on in much the same vein as Wagner, most probably with worse results. Buhler would almost certainly struggle with the move from players' confidant to absolute leader as well.

In the end we would be relegated and Buhler's confidence would be irrevocably damaged, not to mention his credibility.

The Other Candidates (Those not worthy of a write-up)

Mark Hughes, Mark Hudson, Michael O'Neill, Alan Pardew, Carlos Carvalhal, Marus Gisdol, Lee Clark, Steve Bruce.


The grass isn't that much greener on the other side is it? Before people call for Wagner's head they should firstly question what he has brought to our club and secondly think what the alternative could be.

David Wagner has made our club into something we never thought it could be, and for that we believe he deserves our loyalty.

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