Watford Review: What a time to be alive...

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Now, let's get on to the Watford review...

As mentioned above, sometimes the real world gets in the way of updating the blog and that's what happened last week - I was swamped with mind numbing article briefs so I had to sacrifice the Watford preview.

That was a blessing to be fair as I didn't really have anything new to say about Town ahead of the trip to Vicarage Road. I would probably have talked about our luck needing to change, mirroring the performance of last season at the same ground and scoring some goals as well.

I wasn't overly optimistic ahead of the game, but I certainly wasn't expecting what we got - a limp, lacklustre 3-0 defeat to a Watford side that never really got out of second gear. Sitting there and watching the game was a chastening experience, but we did manage to take a few things from the game.

The formation

David Wagner has experimented with a range of interesting formations so far this season. We've seen three at the back, three in the midfield and four full-backs on the pitch at the same time as well.

What we've seen little of is the 4-2-3-1 formation that took us to the Premier League in the first place and helped us to a great start last season. When a manager starts changing his formation and line-up regularly, it's often said that he's in trouble.

I sincerely hope this isn't the case with David Wagner, but I do fear results will not improve if he continues to stick with his baffling formations.

The attitude

Although we aren't relegated yet, it does seem like a distinct possibility. Therefore this cautionary attitude needs to change amongst the players and the coaching staff. Holding what we've got and erring on the side of caution clearly doesn't work for this team.

We need to recognise that relegation is more probable than not and throw caution to the wind. If we are going to go down, we should at least do so with a bang rather than fading away quietly into the night. Let's make a bloody fist of it!

Wagner out?

I completely understand the frustration amongst Town fans at the moment, and I do respect everyone's opinions (to a point.) But I did feel sad this weekend reading through all the comments from Town fans on social media calling for Wagner's head.

In my own personal opinion, I think we should keep hold of Wagner at all costs. Yes, he has made some mistakes in the past 7 or 8 months and yes he could perhaps be doing some things differently at the moment, but it's important to remember how inexperienced he is.

His trajectory at Town has been mainly upward and everything he touched at the beginning turned to gold. Now he's experiencing a downturn in luck and form, something which he hasn't particularly encountered at Town before.

But he has done so much for this club that he more than deserves the opportunity to overcome this situation. Furthermore, I think that he's the best qualified person to get us out of this rut.

To me, David Wagner is Huddersfield Town right now. He has restored my passion and faith in this club at a time when it was severely waining under Chris Powell. If he were to be sacked and replaced with someone like Sam Allardyce, Premier League survival would be tainted for me.


We lost to Watford on Saturday, it was highly frustrating to watch and the result has left us all down in the dumps. But we can't just turn our backs on the team and manager now, we need to get behind them and show real Terrier Spirit. Until the next time, UTT.

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