What Have We Learned About The Cowleys? By Stephan Roux

I’ll be honest with you, up until a few weeks ago, I had little idea who these lads where. A brief glance when it appeared they’d turned down the job and thought little more about them until John mentioned they were back in the frame and subsequently announced as the new town Manager and Assistant.

Digging a little deeper and their record is astounding, working with little and producing teams, who are well instructed, drilled and most importantly playing for each other, the club and ultimately the town. This also became clear in their first press conference, which gave me at least a renewed sense of optimism.

Talk of hard work, working class values, community spirit and never being satisfied until the job is done are all things I can get down with and something the club has been lacking for some time.

Their stipulation that they be employed as Club manager rather than head coach also speaks to their ambition and desire to affect each and every part of the club. It’s a distinction that might have passed some by, but it’s a crucial line in the sand. It means they have more control of the whole set up of the club, with less interference and a focus on footballing activities as a whole.

If their tenure extends to the completion of the new facilities I think we could all start to dream a bit bigger than mid-table championship mediocrity again. However, for this season this should be their only real target and measure, especially given the time of year they are coming in, with no opportunity to switch up the squad until January and pre-season a long distant memory.

Starting to change the mentality and togetherness of the team and pressing them into some results to avoid relegation is a realistic objective.

We also learned that they did turn the job down but that Big Phil had dug in and has been as determined as our Yorkshire terrier mascot in his pursuit of what some press have called “The most promising young English manager in football.”

So I do tip my hat to him on that, the brother’s where Lincoln’s prized asset and their compensation was not to be scoffed at, neither is their reported wage bill, or the compensation paid to Jan to induce this change.

In all it brings a conclusion to Hodgkinson’s first major act as club chairman, and it shows his ambition and that he won’t settle for mediocrity, even if it means dipping his hands deep into his pockets.

They’re seemingly great man managers, they have family and community at heart and a deep understanding of tactics their opposition and how to break them down. As this impressive commentary on Lincoln’s win over Burnley in the FA Cup shows.

Having played and beaten Town in the league cup already this season we expect they already knew everything that was wrong with our current tactics and squad. Lincoln's stunning performance against Everton in the subsequent round, although a loss, showed they could cut it and set out a team to score goals even in the face of stern opposition. Something we’ve not seen from the lads in blue and white for a while.

Social media glimpses inside training, showed a focus on fast feet, quick movement, organisation and making sure the basics and good habits are always on display. It also seems they’ve rapidly learned all the names, nicknames and qualities of the squad, in itself impressive man management and an easy way to get the lads to like you.

Contrast that against Siewert’s reported arrogance and overly-emotional mannerisms. What we can read into this ahead of Sunday’s derby against Wednesday and Garry "CLASS, HUMILITY & RESPECT" Monk remains to be seen.

While I’m not hoping for miracles, I am excited to see what Danny and Nicky do with the team, how they go about taking down an Owls side with a new manager, with somewhat better form than town this season.

In summary, about the Cowley's we have learned...

  • They’re decent lads

  • Their Dad still comes to all their games (Do welcome him if you see him in the stands)

  • They have fantastic prospects and a great reputation

  • They are man managers

  • Danny and Nicky are Team builders who believe in the communities they represent

  • They are the hardest working men in football (Lincoln Fans)

  • Big Phil can dig deep when required and this was a bold move

  • We can have hope again

So look forward to Sunday and an old foe in the opposition’s technical area in a Yorkshire derby and the potential of the new era.

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