What's up with Phil's revolution?

Updated: Jul 27

Dumping the Cowley's left a bad taste in most of our mouths. Having achieved the task they were set, 24 hours later they were out of a job, alongside Mark Hudson, and John Iga amongst others. Come Wednesday night and a 4-1 away loss to  Millwall that thankfully didn't make any difference to our final standing but with a big goal swing was not so far away in the end and would've undone the whole season's hard work. Not the best of starts for the new era. 

In all fairness this was a dead rubber, the result immaterial, so an opportunity to blood some young players and options we may not have seen much of. We're looking at you Oberio and Scott High. In the end it was a forgettable affair and we move on to and almost immediately into the preseason, with our new coach from down the road, Carlos

A bold and brave move by the new chairman is either genus or dunce. Whichever way it lands it's ballsy! In removing the popular and pragmatic Cowley's Phil has put his balls on the line. If it works he will be a hero, struggle for four, five games at the start of the year and fans will be asking for his head on a plate, alongside that of the new coach. 

The retained list also made for some interesting reading with several fan favourites leaving the club. Sadly we were unable to say proper goodbyes to both Kachunga and Super Colin Quaner. We do hope they will be welcomed back to the John Smith's for a proper send-off. Their time and service to the club has been immense, as well as Kachunga being one of our favourite human beings, they will be missed but will always be Terriers.


Moving on and looking forward to the next few weeks will be interesting and exciting as new faces sign up and we start to get a look at our new heroes. There is a desire from the board to see Town play a more attacking form of football and 4-3-3 more akin to the way Liverpool set up. Perhaps this was Hoyle's dream when he hired Wagner a carbon copy version of Klopp. Who wouldn't want their team to play like this year's Premier League Champions? It might not have worked out quite that way last time but the results did come. 

This time we've looked down the road to Beeston for a photocopy Bielsa. Again a great manager playing an attacking brand of football, full of running and goals. Described by Marcelo as a man he trusts more than himself, Corberán comes to us as head coach with high recommendation from Pep, Pelligrini, and a host of Latin football legends, at 37 that's a lot to live up to. 

A lot of questions were asked last week about why the Cowley's were let go. We've had plenty of answers in the interim. From their style of play to their role as Managers, vs the system both on and off the pitch the Chairman and the board want to see. Truth is we will never really know the details behind the decision, but what we can say is it’s ambitious.  

As Mark Devlin put it this week on HTTV, these are exciting times at the club. He’s correct. Whilst we loved the brothers, we also love fast, high press, attacking football. Shamefully and don’t tell anyone but the style of football played down the road, has been excellent. If and it’s a big if at the moment we can play anything like that next season, I’m sure you will all be smiling ear to ear and singing Carlos’s name from the top of Emley Mast.

What can we deduce from the retained list?

Not much to be honest, there are few surprises in the initial clear out, Kachunga and Quaner were always likely to go this window, Stankovic had already been announced, add in Coleman and Pyke, more surprising but had not really been pulling up any trees to break into the first team. Hamer and Brockhorn though? Really? Not like we’ll get much for them on the market. 

Interestingly not mentioned in Town’s press release where Kongolo, Diakharby, and Mbenza, who remain on the books and seemingly will return to Huddersfield for training. We will have to wait and see what happens here, maybe Kongolo’s ego will have deflated somewhat, maybe there are footballers lurking in Issac and Adama? They could be seen on the team sheet next season if we can’t find anyone willing to give us back some Millions for them.

The loanees returning to their parent clubs are no big surprise, we’d like to see a few of these back next season, especially ESR who will be a talent and a star in the near future. Interestingly also is Lossl who never really got a look in at “Parent Club” Everton, and recently became a personal sponsor of one of Town’s ladies. We at Terrier Blog would not be surprised to see a move for Jonas made early in the transfer window, his love for the club apparent and some superb saves securing our Championship safety.

Who will come in? 

VLP has been rather cryptic and vocal about Huddersfield on social media of late, a few more adventurous and forward-looking players and a bunch of Leeds youngsters could be on the cards. We could even see the return of Izzy Brown, such is his relationship with our new head coaches Leeds Utd under 23’s success. Truth is we have to wait and see but expect plenty of news over the next month, starting on Monday. This window was always going to be interesting, even before all the drama. Phil has put his reputation (not that it was steller amongst fans) on the line. The new system and coach need to bear fruit and quickly, the line between hero and zero will be slender for our Chairman, let’s just hope he backs it with some cash, and the football is at very least better to watch than that we’ve seen over the past couple of seasons. We can only live in hope. 

Till next time UTT


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