Who is Yorkshire's biggest club?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

When Huddersfield Town secured promotion to the Premier League at Wembley last May, the stadium announcer proclaimed them to be the best team in Yorkshire. Whilst that might be true based on league position alone, who really is Yorkshire's biggest football team?

To work it out, we looked at the top 40 English football clubs ranked by points won in the First Division and Premier League. Only 4 Yorkshire clubs made it into the top 40, and here we rank them individually.

Huddersfield Town

Points gained in First Division & Premier League: 1784 (Joint 28th)

First Division Titles: 3

FA Cup: 1

League Cup: 0

Average Attendance: 24,076

Yorkshire's only Premier League club have a rich history. They were the first side to win the First Division 3 times in a row. However, Terriers fans have had relatively little to cheer since the mid 1920's. In fact this season is their first in the top flight in 45 years.

Despite that the club have found themselves in 28th position in the all-time league table, mainly due to their 20th century exploits. Size-wise, their fan base is impressive considering their catchment area and population, but it pales in comparison to the support of Yorkshire's other big clubs.

This season has been the first time that the club has regularly managed to sell-out it's home stadium in some time. Prolonged periods of mediocrity in the latter half of the 21st century led to a decrease in the fan base.

Leeds United

Points gained in First Division & Premier League: 3099 (19th)

First Division Titles: 3

FA Cup: 1

League Cup: 1

Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: 2

Average Attendance: 32,011

Ask anyone from outside of Yorkshire to name the biggest club in the county and 99% of people would plump for Leeds United. Although the Whites have been out of the top flight for nearly 14 years they still make it to 19th in the overall league table.

The glory years undoubtedly came under former manager Don Revie, who was Leeds manager from 1961 to 1974. In 1975 Leeds were also controversially beaten in the European Cup Final by Bayern Munich, something that still rankles with fans.

In terms of support, the clubs appeal is massive. They have the highest average attendance in the Championship and regularly take a large following away.

Sheffield United

Points gained in First Division & Premier League: 3207 (17th)

First Division Titles: 1

FA Cup: 4

League Cup: 0

Average Attendance: 26,972

At time of writing, the Blades are the second highest placed Yorkshire team, sitting 8th in the Championship.

Similarly to Huddersfield, much of Sheffield United's success is rooted in the distant past. The last of their FA Cup wins came in 1925 and their one and only First Division title was in 1898. However they find themselves above both Huddersfield and Leeds in the overall table.

Perhaps owing to the fact that they were formed 19 and 30 years before Huddersfield and Leeds respectively.

The clubs following is impressive however, and they regularly attracted crows of 20,000 + in League One last term.

Sheffield Wednesday

Points gained in First Division & Premier League: 3576 (14th)

First Division Titles: 4

FA Cup: 3

League Cup: 1

Average Attendance: 25,934

The Owls come out as the top team in Yorkshire on the overall league table and have an illustrious history. 4 First Division titles are supplemented by 3 FA Cup wins and League Cup success. In the 1992-93 season they established themselves as a top side by visiting Wembley four times in cup competitions.

At the turn of the millennium Wednesday were relegated from the Premier League and have been absent ever since. Even through two spells in League One the club maintained an impressive home and away support, but not quite enough to match Leeds.

The Verdict

As all four clubs were formed at different times it's unfair to judge them on their overall points total in the top two divisions. Instead we've worked out their average points per year starting from the year they were formed. The result's are as follows;

Yorkshire's Number One

  1. Leeds United – 31.3 points per season

  2. Sheffield United – 24.86 points per season

  3. Sheffield Wednesday – 23.68 points per season

  4. Huddersfield Town – 16.21 points per season

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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