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Good Morning fellow Terriers and welcome to a new World Cup blog. As you may be aware, we here at TerrierBlog are obsessed with football, almost to the point of unhealthiness. Therefore it feels wrong to go through an entire Summer without writing about our one and only passion.

Luckily for us, there's a World Cup going on and we've decided to bring you an England version of the blog for (probably) the next fortnight, and possibly the next month - if England manage to not be England and actually do something in Russia

We'll also be bringing you a regular feature about the Town players representing their countries at this years tournament as well as one or two transfer targets. As ever, you can check the site daily for updates or head over to our Facebook or Twitter page to catch all the latest news.

The first piece of World Cup content for you comes from a new guest writer, whom some of you may know of. Stephan Roux is a pretty big presence on Town related social media, and here he brings you his thoughts on England, the unexpected and replicating miracles. Enjoy.

They've won nowt in over 60 years, they scrape into tournaments and have generally under performed to their own abilities and expectations. Sounds familiar eh Terriers? but I'm not talking about our beloved Town I'm talking about the Three Lions.

Somehow the excitement of a World Cup this week has been drowned out for me and many of us by the release of the Premier league fixture list and possible transfers. It's safe to say we're all pumped up from the last couple of years in Dreamland, and are trying to raise ourselves for the Coupe Du Monde.

It's odd that for years the World Cup and Euros have provided us with an opportunity to follow world class players and take some pride in the higher echelons of world football. But now after years of watching the England team under-perform and underwhelm while Town achieve the impossible, how can a World Cup match up to that?

Well for possibly the first time since Ray Wilson and latterly Efe Sodje we have players at the greatest tournament on the planet. Mooy, Lossl, Zanka and maybe even a new signing in Sobhi. Are town players good enough to grace the world stage? Who knows? It'll be fascinating to see how they all get on.

But back to England, decades without much to shout about, but a young progressive manager playing good football and embracing youth over egos, a team spirit and togetherness building via the excellent work down at St George's and a familiar feeling comes over me.

Maybe this is the dream, maybe if we believe we have no limits, maybe if we understand and embrace the England team's position as well, underdogs rather than potential winners, then we can live that dream again and achieve the impossible.

'Till the next time John lets me have a go at his blog, UTT and come on England let's do a Town!


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